SWEET BUTTER Kitchen Cafe & Marketplace

It seems my life in the San Fernando Valley expands as long as Ventura Boulevard itself. Everything I’ve done in my life over the last thirty years has either be on or slightly off of Ventura Boulevard. To me, it is the boulevard of dreams. Whatever you fancy in life can be found there from Studio City to Woodland Hills.

I made plans with two women from my pastry school to meet for lunch.  This is an activity I’m very good at, I honestly love lunch. And Marci, my baking buddy suggested a place called Sweet Butter in Sherman Oaks. Geez, just the name alone, I knew it had to be good. When we drove up I thought, “did they build this place just for me”? The outside is so welcoming, painted just that perfect shade of buttery yellow. You knew whatever was inside had to scrumptious.   Here it was the middle of January  and we were able to take advantage of their large outdoor seating area of comfortable banquets.  I’m all about the food, but all the quaint touches were not lost on me. Colorful flowers, patterned fabrics, lots of wrought iron. I love it!

And I loved their menu. Yes I’m a sucker for French bistro style food, that’s kind of how I would describe it. They don’t have waitress service, so you go inside and stand in line to order and it’s brought to your table. Therein lies the one thing that was a problem for me. I don’t like having to stare down the other customers with that look of “dude, that’s my table, I’ve been standing here for the last ten minutes”!  However, once seated, all was good with the world.

Fresh, fresh, homemade, and yes…fresh.  They have a great selection of salads. I got the “South of the Boulevard” with chopped Jidori chicken which was moist and flavorful, Romaine, black beans, grilled corn and tortilla strips (they added just the right crunch), with a creamy Chipotle Buttermilk dressing.   Simple and delicious. Marci got the Tuna Nicoise with Italian tuna. I didn’t taste it, but it looked great. The portions were fairly large, so I ended up taking mine home for a late afternoon snack. Each salad was under $13.00.

I’m also an iced tea, and coffee fanatic. I find so many restaurants don’t pay any attention to these beverages.  Well, Sweet Butter does. After lunch I had a cup of their Intelligentsia brand coffee, and it was delicious. Mama likes her coffee. That with one of their homemade chocolate chip cookies, and I was a very happy girl.

I can definitely see going back again and again as there was no shortage of tasty looking sandwiches, salads, soups and homemade desserts to choose from. Good food, and a great view of Ventura Boulevard…dang I love the Valley!

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